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Hemorrhoidal Mouse (As seen and Used in Eastern Rises)
For those who call requesting a deer hair mouse recipe, here is your mouse. In this video Frank Smethurst ties his Hemorrhoidal Mouse that he popularized in the movie Eastern Rises. This is a big trout magnet in Colorado, Alaska, Montana, and Russia. Pardon the crowd noise as this video was filmed during our legendary fly shop Christmas party! If you weren’t there, you missed a good show!

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Hook: TMC 5262 #2-6
Thread: 3/0 tan
Tail: Med Size Chenille light brown
Hemorrhoid: Orange chenille
Body: Deer Hair

7 Responses to Hemorrhoidal Mouse

  1. Corbin Haugen says:

    Great video. And I love Eastern Rises!

    I have been tying mice for a while and I was curious, is there anywhere up in Wyoming to fish with mice?

    Thanks guys!

  2. Jules Watson says:

    What sort of chenille do you guys use for this one ? Much stiffer than mine – is it wired ? Thanks.

  3. Samaki says:

    Nice tying vid, but it’s not the mouse from Eastern Rises, isn’t it? The H-mouse Frank was fishing in Eastern Rises was deerhair with an orange foamback. Something like a gurgler. Can’t you show that one in a tying video?
    Many thanks!

  4. fusion28 says:


    Frank stated that they did fish this one during the movie, but when they needed to substitute out the mice due to supply of Gink, he would sometimes tie them with an orange foamback, so you are correct with that.

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