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In this fly casting video tutorial, Tim Rajeff talks us through some pointers for improving fly casting accuracy. Accuracy Casting Tip Outlines When trying to improve your accuracy, stand with your casting side foot forward to eliminate shoulder and body … Continue reading
Basic Fly Casting This video “The Essence of Fly Casting” by Mel Krieger has held it’s place over time as one of the best instructional fly casting videos.  In this segment, Mel discusses the fundamentals of a basic overhand cast … Continue reading
Tim Rajeff of Echo Fly Rods has two short fly casting videos shared on this page that will help you cast farther and easier. Distance Cssting Tips Video (Part 1) Featured above We often times think that the double haul, … Continue reading
The Double spey is much like the single spey but with one additional movement.  We use this cast when our casting shoulder is faced downstream. 1. With the rod and line downstream of your casting shoulder strip all the way … Continue reading
False Casting In this video clip from Mel Krieger’s “The Essence of Fly Casting” Mel discusses the purpose of false casting.  The most practical purpose of false casting is to dry a fly.  However, as you progress in your casting … Continue reading
Scandinavian or “Scandi” Style Casting This style was developed in…you guessed it… Scandinavia for casting great distances with little back-casting room.  This style of casting still utilizes the touch and go style of casts as in traditional spey but with … Continue reading
Loading and Unloading the Rod This is probably the most difficult concept for beginner and intermediate fly casters to grasp and actually “feel.”  In order to progress as a fly caster it is imperative with every forward cast and back … Continue reading
The Snap T, Circle Spey and C Spey, are virtually the same cast.  The difference is in how sharp the line is repositioned to the anchor position. These casts are used to reposition the line ro your casting side shoulder … Continue reading
Snake Roll Cast The snake roll is an extremely useful cast that allows you to quickly change direction to almost any angle when your casting shoulder is facing down stream. It also works very well for picking up heavy nymph … Continue reading
Single Spey Casting Instructions Much the same as the switch cast only adding a change of direction. The first movement is a rotation of the hips towards the casting target.  This will allow you to get your body out of … Continue reading
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