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Fly Tying With Colorado Skies Outfitters

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We are South Denver’s authority for everything fly tying.  Our collection of fly tying videos (produced in-house) have become a valuable resource for fly tiers everywhere.  We are well versed in teaching fly tying to those sitting behind the vise for the first time or life long fly tiers wanting to learn new and advanced tying skills and patterns.  We offer group classes every weekend and individualized 1-on-1 instruction that can be scheduled anytime that is convenient for you. call us at 720-851-4665 for more info or to schedule a fly tying lesson.

1-On-1 Tying Lessons
4 Hours of individual Instruction
November-March: M-F 9-11AM or 4-6PM
Schedule 2 two hour blocks at your convenience

Details: Our 1-on-1 tying class is customized to you, and what you would like to tie and/or improve on.  This class can be scheduled at your convenience M-F 9-11AM or 4-6PM. Schedule any 2 two hour  blocks you would like. to total 4 hours of private tying instruction. The cost for this class is $195.00 and each person who registers will receive a $100.00 store credit included in the tuition that can be used to purchase fly tying tools, hooks, materials, or fly tying books.  This one-on-one tying lesson is 4 hours and covers any fly you would like to tie. We include vices & fly tying tools for your use, and offer 15% off all fly tying materials during this class.

Group Fly Tying Classes
November through March
Every Saturday 2-6PM

Class Details: Our group fly tying classes are for those interested in learning how to tie flies for the first time and those wanting to brush up on skills after a leap of absence from tying.  We provide vices,  fly tying tools for your use at no additional charge. Fl tying materials are offered at  15% off for those taking this class.  You will leave with flies that you have tied, the materials to tie these flies and the skills to continually progress in fly tying.  The class covers the essentials of fly tying and builds the skills you need to successfully tie flies.

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