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” Theo has guided myself and friends a number of times, and even though I have fly fished for over 30-years, I always learn something new about flies, rigging, casting or other techniques. He is one of the most knowledgeable fly fisherman I know, is a great teacher and a real joy to fish with.  Often Theo will take our fly rod and show us a casting or mending techique first hand and it is amazing. He is an incredible fly caster and makes everthing look so effortless.  Winning the Teva fly fishing contest, against some of the best fly fisherman on the planet, is a great accomplishment for Theo and something to be very proud of.”

-Mark L.
Castle Rock, CO

When I heard that Theo had taken first place at the Teva games, I was really happy for him, but not surprised that he had won. My wife and I have gone on several float and wade trips with him, he has so much talent, I really enjoy just watching him fly fish sometimes. I have seen Theo’s competitiveness in front of his shop with his co-workers, trying to see who can place a small fly over 100+ feet,  in a small circle. Of course he won that as well. I have had the pleasure of fly fishing recently with some of the best guides in the industry, and Theo is truly special. His knowledge, skills, and abilities are unmatched. If you are looking for the best guide, my wife Carol and I highly recommend Theo at Colorado Skies Outfitters , you will not regret it!

-Kyle A.
Parker, CO

About Our Colorado Fly Fishing Guides
We takes pride in putting the best 9 on the field 365 days a year! We are not a mass-tourism fly fishing operation that hires “guides” a day out of guide school still learning the water. Put simply, we believe in quality trips, not quantity of trips.  When you book a trip with CSO, you can be assured that your guide has multiple years of guiding experience, lives in Colorado, and has spent years mastering our local waters.  Be sure to check in on our guide profiles often as they are each set up as a personal guide blog.

Learn How to fly fish with Colorado Skies Outfitters
As a guide service, we are here to help you learn more about fly fishing in Colorado and how to improve your fly fishing skills. We work with fly fishers of all skill levels and choose water and fishing tactics that will challenge but not overwhelm you.   After guiding 1,000’s of fishing trips in Colorado, we have developed a system of teaching fly fishing that makes fishing easier, more productive, and a lot more fun!

Guided Fly fishing Lessons For Beginners
-Trout Fishing Basics: choosing the correct fishing gear, how a fly cast works, fly fishing knots and rigging, common trout flies, fishing nymphs, trout habitat, finding fish, and how to catch and release trout.

Intermediate/Advanced Advanced fly fishing techniques for trout and beyond
Sight fishing, fishing small dries, double haul casting, single hand spey casts, advanced mending, how to target trophy trout.

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