Blue River below Dillon Reservoir Fishing Report

blueriverrrrrOn 08/31-2013 We decided to fish the tail water section of the Blue River below Dillon Reservoir for my birthday and it was fishing very well. The flows have been hovering around 58 cfs, which is low, especially this time of year. With that said the water is gin clear and fish are stacked. Sight fishing has proven itself a very effective way to go after these large trout, their colorful red/pink bodies make them very easy to spot and fish for. A good pair of polarized glasses will allow you to see more tout holding in deeper water or faster riffles. I focus my efforts on fish holding the faster and shallower riffles as blueriverrrrthese are the fish that tend to be more actively eating in their feeding lanes. Typically I use a larger size drop shot, size BB or even AB to put my fly in front of their face. Flies i typically use are small midges and emergers such as the black rs-2 in sizes #18-24, brown and black jujubeatis in sizes #18-22 and tungsten jujubeatis, brown in size #16-20. Usually I will start with a #16 tungsten jujubeatis and trail it with a small rs-2 or midge. Mysis patterns I tend to avoid unless I am fishing early morning/ late evening because these fish see it so many times a day. Streamers are another fun way of going after these big trout, I typically fish them late evening or even night time, some of my favorite streamers to fish there are crystal buggers #6-10, squirrel leeches (natural, black) #4-8, and the double gonga  (creme) articulated streamer. Some holes I found to be pretty productive include right under the I-70 bridge, a fast riffle that tapers into shallow riffle covered by the shade of the bridges is where a lot of feeding fish can be found. Another productive spot is the hole next to seven eleven (spectator hole) that has a pedestrian bridge going over it. It is slower moving water shaded by the bridge where large fish can be found hiding, is cascades down a series of chutes with a series of pools below all where trout will be holding. The third spot, which i usually avoid is called cable hole, a large slow pool with a lot of trout, it is closer to the dam, upstream of I-70 hole, the reason I avoid it is there is almost always more than one person, but if it is not being fished, jump in it blueriverquick and you should be rewarded with a some pretty fish. These are just a few of my favorite holes i know hold big fish, but you will find a good number of fish through the entire section, and you will find trout holding in some unsuspecting places like right up against shore, in the riffle right where water is running down off of large rocks, and in the slack water in front of boulders, which acts as a buffer for slower water. If you plan on indicator fishing use a yarn indicator or 1/4” thingamabobber (clear or white is my favorite) to make less surface disturbance, these trout are spooky. The trout will let you walk right on top of them, but once they see you smack the water, float your fly line/indicator right over them, the dont stick around to long. The weather has been to our liking, overcast, partial rain and cool, this allowed for use to see a few hatches come off, tricos, midges, and mosquitos were abundant, you’ll see a lot of smaller fish rise regularly to very small dries, but the big girls almost never come to the surface. All in all the blue has been very productive, and an hour and a half from denver, right off the highway, its easy to access. Expect a lot of people but there is more than enough trout to go around.blueriverr

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