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Alcova Reservoir Inlet | Trophy Trout & Walleye Trips

alcova reservoir inlet
This Spring we are pleased to present a very Unique and virtually unexplored fly fishing experience deep in Fremont Canyon where the North Platte river enters Alcova Reservoir. By now many have experienced Fremont Canyon, but few have seen the inlet where Fremont dumps into Alcova Reservoir.  That's because the only way to get there is to put[...]
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Scott Tidal Fly Rod Reveiw | Salt Water Series

Scott "Tidal" series fly rods live up to the bill of "making the hard way a little easier." Chasing fish in salt water on a fly rod can be a great way to get humbled. Wether its the elusiveness of the species we are chasing our the conditions we choose to pursue them in, we tend to be at a disadvantage.  Having a fly rod you trust to make the[...]
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